Our Story

The face behind Grove.

Hey I'm Sydney! I have lived in Victoria for most of my adult life. I first moved here to do my degree in Commerce at UVic. For most of my life I considered myself a 'Third-Culture-Kid' because I moved around the world a lot. I never really lived in my home country until university, yet somehow I felt at home no matter where I was. Apart from work and exploring the outdoors, I love to cook new recipes, travel to different cultures (but for now it's mostly just dreaming), play board games or do puzzles.

I have loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember. My parents took us on annual camping trips and sent us to YMCA summer camps that taught us how to be independent in the outdoors.

I'll admit, I'm not pro at any one sport. But I like to participate in as many activities as I can at beginner or intermediate levels.

What inspired Grove?

Victoria is in such a unique location. The outdoors are so accessible, whether it be for a hike up Mt. Doug after work, a quick one-night camping trip to Sombrio Beach or a longer backpacking trip to Cape Scott.

I first came up with the idea for Grove when my sister started working at an amazing used outdoor gear store in Calgary. I kept wondering why Victoria didn't have anything like it.

I decided to start the store myself, so I specialized in Entrepreneurship for the last semester of my degree. That gave me intentional time to work on the business plan while receiving help and feedback from teachers and local professionals.

That brings us to today! Grove is my full time job. I am learning new things everyday, including the grind of being an entrepreneur. I try to be an open book, so if you have any other questions about me or my journey with Grove feel free to contact me.